Cretan honey production

Our family has been engaged in beekeeping for many years. After years of continuous effort, with endless love and passion for beekeeping, our family business has been passed on to the next generations, which carry on production showing the same passion and responsibility. We feel extremely fortunate to be living on this island with its unique geographical features.

We pack and market exclusively our own honey. The quantities are limited, always in proportion to the number of hives we take care and the weather conditions prevailing. The journey from the beehive to the jar is carried out with the utmost respect to the product, which is free of any damage and always in line with the rules of hygiene.

Crete is the southernmost point of Greece, and it is blessed with long periods of sunshine. The life-giving sun plays a key role on the blossom of a wide range of aromatic plants and herbs throughout the year. Thyme, sage, pine, dittany and citrus fruit offer bees their favorite food ... Cretan honey.

Cretan thyme honey is pure, of exceptional quality, originating from the wider region of Messara. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and nutrients, it has a strong aroma, unique taste and texture. Thanks to the rare biodiversity, endemic vegetation and sea surrounding the island, the famous Cretan thyme honey is a genuine, unprocessed, high quality natural product. Every May, our bees compose a unique… melody, as they collect the nectar from the thyme plants in the region of Messara, where the ancient palace of Phaistos is located.

If you visit us during the summer, you will have the unique opportunity to be guided to the place we keep our bees and taste honey of exceptional quality that will surely captivate your senses!